What this project is, and isn’t

I’ll state right off that my intention here is simple:  to fold and comment on models from past origami convention collection books.  I won’t be discussing the history of origami, which has been documented elsewhere.  I recently bought digital copies of several early convention books from OrigamiUSA to complete my collection, which runs from 1981 to the present.  I’ve read about various “365 Projects” and considered attempting a model a day, but that would rule out the more complex models, and besides, life tends to get in the way of such grandiose projects in most cases.

So here’s the plan:  Fold each model from each book, in order; photograph it; and express my opinion.  I’m not a designer (and have no desire to learn), and I’m frankly not the most skilled folder out there.  I can usually handle models up to high intermediate – low complex, and I’m hoping to build some skills while doing this.  Mainly, I just want a record of how these models actually look when folded.  Since OrigamiUSA will happily sell the Convention books to anyone, I won’t be showing diagrams.  Please buy them yourself if you want to follow along and support OrigamiUSA.

If I think a model is great, I’ll say so.  If I struggle with it, I’ll tell the tale.  And if I think a model is awful, I’ll say that too.  I don’t want to hurt feelings, and I certainly appreciate all the generosity of the multitude of designers who have generously shared their work.  But I’d also hate for a folder to be disappointed or frustrated with a set of diagrams that just don’t deliver the goods.

Enough words, let’s get folding!  Our first model will be “Cock O’ the Walk and His Mate.”




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