Two Frogs on a See-Saw

Don’t try this with play money

Herman Shall; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection; drawn by Alan M. Kaplan; from “Two Frogs on a Log” by Bun McClain

Grade: D

I wasn’t really looking forward to folding this model, and I haven’t changed my mind.  For one thing, the subject seems kind of silly to me, unless there’s a children’s book about frogs in the playground that I’m not aware of (and even then, it’s still an unlikely subject).  I tried twice to make this of play money while figuring out the procedure, and the paper tore in multiple places both times, so only genuine new, crisp U.S. currency is tough enough to survive the process.  The diagrams are clear enough with only step 12 being a bit mystifying.  This model takes a fair amount of finger strength to complete, and it is advisable to take a great deal of care when narrowing the legs if the results are to be at all satisfactory.  Though there’s probably no way to make them, the lack of front legs also detracts from the completed model.  I did like the neatly-positioned appearance of the motto “In God We Trust” on the see-saw’s board.


2 thoughts on “Two Frogs on a See-Saw

  1. I am still enjoying your journey through the old convention books.This model marked a critical point in developing my folding skills, so it’s a sentimental favorite, but I don’t disagree with your overall assessment. Not a favorite for leaving as a tip, to be sure.


  2. Scott, thanks for your kind remarks. The fact that I didn’t like the subject of this model should not detract from the pleasure you took in increasing your skills while folding it. For me, the equivalent is Jack Skillman’s “Jackstone” — you never forget the thrill of overcoming a challenge successfully.


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