Two Swans

Oddly, they’re both from 6″ kami

Ranana Benjamin; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection

Grade: B

The “Easy-Easy Swan” (left) and “Saucy Swan” (right) are both simple models that are small variations on bird models we all learned as beginners.  “Easy-Easy” starts with a triangle made from a square cut on the diagonal, while “Saucy” starts with a fish base.  The hand-drawn diagrams for both models are a little confusing in that the shading leads the folder to think that both sides of the paper might show.  I chose a paper that was blue on one side and magenta on the other for “Easy-Easy;” I needn’t have bothered.  Although the diagrams are very much in the quick-sketch style, they present no difficulties in following the folding sequence.  “Easy-Easy” wanted to tip forward until I adjusted the neck position backwards a bit, and “Saucy” looks a bit unstable, though it is folded as the diagram indicates.


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