Zebra (or Donkey)

More like a white-faced horse

Stephen Weiss; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection

Grade: B+

This is the last of the animal models in the 1982 book, and I really liked it, even though I struggled with it.  The proportions are excellent, something a lot of equine models don’t get quite right, and the slender legs and tail look very good.  The creator suggests 15″ paper, and I’d recommend the largest, thinnest, and most moldable paper you can get.  In my case that was 10″ foil, and I wished for a larger square.  Diagrams are hand drawn with explanatory text, and the folder is advised to pay very close attention to whether the line indicates a mountain or a hidden foldMy first attempt went wrong at step 7, where the model is folded in half down the spine, and a lot of things have to be shaped all at once.  I missed or misunderstood the instruction to “reverse-fold the inner triangle”, which resulted in a major tear and a quick pitch into the circular file.  Though the move is both diagrammed and noted in the text, it’s a little difficult to understand and the front legs will not swing into position unless it’s done right.  In the next step, I had to make a couple of tries before realizing that only the inner point gets reversed for the head, even though it is indicated fairly clearly in the drawing.  Final shaping as shown in the next-to-last drawing went quite well, though the many layers of the front legs made narrowing difficult.  I’d love to try this with a really large piece of black-and-white striped paper, and will be looking for some the next time I visit a specialty paper store.


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