Blossom (and Display Corner)

Ranana Benjamin; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection

Grade: B-

The models are grouped by subject categories in the 1982 Collection, and now that the Animal section (by far the largest) is complete, I’m moving on to the four models in Flowers.  This simple blossom is folded from a 4 : 1 rectangle, and I wanted to use a bit more interesting paper than the plain kami and foils I used for the animals, so I dug through my stash and found some 4-1/4″ wide “Seaspray Paper Ribbon” from the long-extinct Loose Ends company.  This paper glistens and is crinkly in the lengthwise direction, with some irregular pleats.  It wasn’t an ideal choice, being a little too large and a bit too springy to work well with this model, but I enjoyed trying it out.  The diagrams are hand-drawn with text comments as needed, and while a little sketchy, they had all the information needed.  The folder may stop at step 5 for the Display Corner shown at left above, and in my example the springiness of the paper kept the model from sitting flat.  There’s no real lock, so I’d recommend displaying it with a trinket with some weight (I used a souvenir from Mars, PA for the photo).  The Blossom is then created by squashing each of the three sides, as shown in the right photo.  The creator recommends adding a stem through the center, and I agree that would improve the Blossom.  I’d also suggest a smaller paper; 8 x 2″ would be about right.  This model might work well with patterned papers, such as gift wrap or chiyogami.


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