Leaf and Stem, and Tulip

A sign of Spring

Leaf and Stem by Alice Gray; Tulip by Joan R. Appel; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection

Grade: A-

These two models definitely belong together, and are shown together in the Leaf and Stem diagram’s drawing of the finished model, but are inexplicably separated in the Collection by another model’s diagram.  They are both very simple, with the Leaf and Stem being folded from a kite base, and the Tulip from a preliminary base.  Diagrams are very clear, with plenty of explanatory text for beginners, and shading distinguishes white and colored sides.  I folded the Leaf and Stem from 3″ kami, and the only problem I had was that the finished model wants to spread open more than I’d like. I made the Tulip from some 2″ harmony paper which was an ideal choice for this graceful model.  This particular paper had most of the pattern at the center with plain corners, which I thought worked particularly well to simulate a real tulip’s shading.  This was a welcome model to fold on an especially cold Valentine’s Day.


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