Tropical Flower

Paper choice makes this model stand out

Ed Sullivan; 1982 OUSA (FOCA) Convention Annual Collection

Grade: B+

The biggest problem I had with this model wasn’t the creator’s fault.  These early Collections suffer from occasional bad collating, and this model was the victim.  The diagram appears in the “Flowers” section, between the “Leaf and Stem” and the “Tulip”, which really should have followed each other since they were shown together (as already noted).  Far worse, the second page of diagrams for the Tropical Flower were far in the back of the book, adjacent to Sullivan’s other model, “Jelly Belly Holder” in the category “Other.”  The only hint is in the attached letter, which mentions “two new folds” with a few remarks.  The diagrams are hand-drawn but clear, except for the first one which shows the pre-creases — it took me a little thought to figure out the landmarks for some of the creases — and the last one, showing the finished model in a rather poor sketch.  Once the diagrams are located, the model presents no particular difficulties in folding.  The creator advises the use of the “new shaded papers.  I’m sure Mrs. Oppenheimer has them.”  Assuming he meant harmony papers, I concur.  I used a paper with a contrasting color in the center, and I liked the results quite a bit.  The paper shown below is 6″ harmony, shown both unfolded and with the finished sample.

Pick a pretty paper for good results




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